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ASCI-Guard has been implemented into dozens of the industries harshest environments and have proved itself to be tough, reliable and a safe solution to any application where see-through safety guarding is required!

What makes our guarding stand out above the rest?

  • Interior routed electrical connections for locks and sensors protects wires from damage
  • Extremely tough, 6061 hollow aluminum extrusions provide a rigid structure
  • Black, expanded metal grate is used within the frame to provide the best visual clarity

 What goes into making ASCI-Guard™?

  • ASCI-Guard™ uses a 2.00” x 2.00” Flange Tube as its backbone. The Flange Tube consists of a 2” square aluminum tube, 1/8” wall thickness, with a 1½” integral flange for attachment of the grating material.
  •  Corner and intermediate gussets are fabricated of ¼” 6061-T6 aluminum and attached with zinc plated through-bolts for added strength and rigidity
  •  ASCI-Guard™ door frames are made from Flange Tube structural members mitered on 45 degree angles and fully TIG welded.  This innovative design yields a rigid, durable door that will give years of service without sagging or deforming.
  •  Installations are available in many different grating configurations and is sized based on a combination of the height of the barrier and the distance from the process.  The recommended grating material for the subject application is black powder coated aluminum type 3003-H14 Flattened Expanded Metal, 1-½ x .1/8, 70% open area.  The grating is sized to conform to the restricted entry standards of EN 954 Category 4.
  •  The floor anchoring system consists of vertical 1-5/8” square carbon steel bar stock 18” long wire welded to ½”  floor plates that are assembled and hot dipped galvanized.
  • The structural Flange Tube vertical members fit over the bar stock and are bolted in place.  The floor plates anchor to the floor with 3/8” wedge anchors.

Get ASCI-Guard Security for your needs

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