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ASCI Electrical Services

Automation Systems & Controls Inc is a complete-service supplier of industrial electrical services. We have a record for delivering quality services at inexpensive prices. With offers for electrical services to significant sectors such as manufacturing, electronics, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, textiles, shipping and numerous other industrial and commercial industries.


Automated Systems & Controls Inc can provide quality workers with a dedication to reliability, safety, and security to finish your electrical setup or work alongside your current team for preventive maintenance work. We will discover solutions to issues or regions of interest that save time and money for clients. With our elevated standards and sustained dedication to clients, we will provide a product that fully satisfies the requirements of clients.


Our electrical team is ready to serve your next project by providing excellent service by licensed master electricians. All electrical panel work is done in-house to provide a lower cost to our customer and ensure all devices meet and exceed government standards for safety and quality. Having the advantage of in-house panel fabrication also allows for faster turn-around times and better project workflow synergy between programming and mechanical aspects of the project.


Some of our services include…

  • Low Voltage
  • DC Low Voltage Control Power
  • Industrial and Enterprise Network Installation
    • Ethernet/EtherNet IP
    • Profibus
    • Fiber Optic
    • Modbus
    • RS-232
    • Serial
    • DeviceNet
    • HART Protocol
  • High Voltage
    • 480V Distributions and Landing
    •  Switch-gears
  • Industrial Instrumentation Specialists
    • Levels Sensors
    • Laser/Infared
    • Camera Imaging/Barcode scanners
    • RFID Tracking
    • Flow, Pressure, and Temperature Gauging
      • Coriolis meters
      • Thermocouples
      • RTDs
      • Differential pressure gauges and switches
    • Machine Safety Equipment
      • Light curtains
      • Area scanners
      • Interlocks
      • Safety Switches
  • Panel Fabrication
    • 5,000 Sq. Ft Panel shop to support nearly all industrial and commercial orders
    • Motion, PLC, HMI, Power Distribution and Integration
    • Fast delivery and installation services
    • UL 508A Certified Panel Shop
    • We adhere to strict government regulations and best industry standard guidelines for all of our electrical panels
    • Lighting retrofitting and installation
    • Demolition and upgrading of out-of-service panels and equipment
    • 24/7 on call support
    • Turn-key solutions in conjunction with our mechanical and controls engineering team
    • Machine Commissioning
    • Maintenance Contracts

Contact Electrical Department

  • Office number – (912) 653-5440
  • After hours –
    • Ralph Smith

      Cell: (478) 494-5174