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ASCI 3D Scanner Services


3D laser scanning is the leading method to efficiently capture existing measurements of many facilities or sites. Replacing the time consuming and less accurate method of manually recorded field measurements, lasers scan an existing facility or site, creating a point cloud that acts as a highly accurate as-built drawing. 3D Laser scanning is extremely viable when there are no existing drawings or the information on the drawings is outdated for a project.


The FARO® Focus Premium Laser Scanners are the fastest, most accurate and most data-sharing-enabled scanners on the market to date.

Here at ASCI we utilize the FARO® Focus scanners to bring you precise measurements of site developments. It is a perfect use case to allow a digitally 3D environment of work areas and compare side by side of new iterations for any type of project.


3D Scan1
3D Scan2

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